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  • Of Cinderella Stories and Broadening Horizons

    When you defeat three of the biggest names in Philippine football, the metaphors come flowing easily—the Cinderella story, the fairy tale run, the giant-slayers, and the list goes on. All these are the accolades bequeathed upon Ceres FC. The Bacolod-based squad defeated the likes of Stallion, Global, and Kaya to book a spot in the finals of the PFF Smart National Club Championships versus Pasargad (which also ha...

  • Choosing What to Look At: Post-Suzuki Cup Ramblings and Reflections

    There are losses that prompt one to write and write until the pain disappears or becomes bearable. Then there are losses that just leave you stunned and muted, unable to articulate anything—and this is what I had been reduced to after the Philippines bowed out of the AFF Suzuki Cup after Singapore. As overly dramatic as that sounds, it does indicate the level of emotional investments and high expectations I have for t...

  • Of Draws and Disappointments: Post-Match Notes from Leg 1 of Philippines v. Singapore

    Hushed tones, then queues to the nearest exits. This was the general scenario in the grandstand as the final whistle blew in the first leg of the semifinal match between the Philippines and Singapore. Finally, the home game we’ve been waiting for since the team was deprived of such two years ago versus Indonesia—and the thousands of spectators that flocked to the Rizal Memorial Stadium certainly expected nothing...

  • Earning Our Stripes: Post-Group Stage Observations and Reflections

    We’re finally getting that home match that we were deprived of two years ago in the AFF Suzuki Cup, and cinching this has proven to be what the Azkals have been working for throughout the year. In a lot of ways, getting past the group stage is indicative that Philippine football has stamped its legitimacy in the Southeast Asian football scene—and this did not come without the battle scars, the clawing and scratc...

  • Less than 48 Hours Until Opening Match: Some Pre-Tournament Thoughts and Expectations

    Remember that rag tag team of pesky men that just won’t go away, much to the chagrin of Singapore and Vietnam a couple of years back? Remember those virtual unknowns that wore grass-stained, muddy kits, reminiscent of schoolyard play? It may seem both like a lifetime ago and just like yesterday when the Azkals were catapulted into national (and regional) stardom, thanks to the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup. Two years late...

  • Second Half Notes and Well Wishes

    The Philippines beat Singapore for the second time this year (remember that 2-0 victory a couple of months back), and before the euphoria completely subsides, there’s my mad scramble to open the laptop and string together some thoughts. I admit I’m a bit bummed to have missed out the first half, but thanks to Twitter, I’ve been updated while stuck in horrible Metro Manila traffic—including my feed er...

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1. Global FC 7 pts
2. Loyola Meralco Sparks FC 6 pts
3. Kaya FC 4 pts
4. JP Voltes FC 3 pts
5. Davao Aguilas FC 1 pts
6. Ilocos United 1 pts
7. Ceres La Salle FC 1 pts
8. Stallion FC 1 pts