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  • Losing sucks, but hey, we'll recover

    WHEN the final whistle was blown, I wanted to lead a round of applause for the team, but someone beat me to it. We were applauding.  Someone hollered a loud "yeah!", while there were a few "sayanga oi!" but the applause was constant.I think it lasted close to a minute.  And these guys weren't the usual guys I watch Azkal matches with.It was disappointing. We were so close to history.  We were so go...

  • Limpag: An unforgettable night for Cebu football

    Source: Sun Star Cebu BOOM! The Cebu City sports Center erupted when Marwin Angeles scored the goal against Singapore in the first international friendly played in Cebu. Boom! The cheers were equally loud when Ed Sacapaño, the former starter turned no. 2 turned starter, stopped that penalty--a dubious call I later learned from Bob Guerrero--late in the first half. And, I t...

  • Limpag: No need for Azkals fans to compete

    Source: Sun Star Cebu IT seems there’s a brewing friction among some of the football fans—Kaholeros and Ultras—as to which group is better. And I always find that funny. Every time I hear someone brag how one group, especially those who claim to be hardcore, is the better one because of this and that, I always smirk and think, “Where the hell were you when the men’s team, and Philippine...

  • Limpag: Crucial role of fans in Nov. 15 friendly

    Source: Sun Star Cebu CEBU Football Association president Ricky Dakay said the other week that if they are successful in hosting the Nov. 15 match, they would like to host another friendly. And that’s something the Philippine Football Federation and Dan Palami are willing to give. But “successful” is relative here. The CFA can do everything right, they can roll out the red carpet and more, they ...

  • Limpag: A homecoming match for Ray Jonsson

    Source: Sun Star Cebu UNLESS there are changes, there’s no Stephen Schrock, Neil Etheridge or Angel Aldeguer--all Cebu favorites—for the Nov. 15 friendly against Singapore at the Cebu City Sports Center. Angel is in India, while Neil is currently on loan with the Bristol Rovers until Christmas and Schrock, of course, is playing in the Bundesliga. Knowing how Dan Palami operates, I know if the team insist...

  • Limpag: Azkals: Just once, With or without you

    Source: Sun Star Cebu I KNEW we were going to beat Guam the other night and it was just a question of by how many goals. And winning by one is just as good as winning by three. And after all the brouhaha over Phil and James Younghusband missing the team, it was nice to watch a game again, while meeting the economic demands, of course, of the bar tender. It was nice too, to make fun of the team, after taking ourselve...

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