PFF needs to fix youth program now

BOYS U16. Our boys got another beating in the AFC Boys U16 tournament in Myanmar. Here they are in action against the host. (Contributed)

by Jack Biantan

OUR national youth football program got another punch in the mid section when our national boys U16 team suffered a wipe out in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) 2018 U16 Championship elimination in Myanmar.

The young boys of coach Roxy Dorlas did not score a single goal in group H and bowed to Korea 0-8 in their first match, then 0-2 against China and then 0-5 against the host team Myanmar.

Before the start of the tournament I already predicted in my previous column that this team, just like other youth teams that were sent to the different AFC battles this year, would not do better.

Am turning to be a prophet of doom? Not really. I just based my predictions from real facts not the alternative facts. And the fact is that the system that the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) implements in its youth program is wrong.

From the selection of coaches, trainers, to training and everything is completely wrong. How do I know? Easy, just check the results.

In fairness to coach Rox, he just inherited this team from the former coaches who were sacked. (I know the reason of the sacking but that is a different and controversial story.)

As early as of today the PFF should evaluate their youth program. Stop the tryout now, train for two weeks, fly to the competition, got beaten black and blue, come home and do it again next year system. This system will not work and it never worked.

This is not rocket science and we do not need rocket scientist here. It is simple logic. Prepare early.
Of course it is easier said than done. That is why all the stakeholders of Philippine football should sit down and create a decent program that would work. Why spend money on a program that has not been working since time in memorial? (

8 thoughts on “PFF needs to fix youth program now

  1. You are straight right with ur opinion about the grassroots of PFF. However you made a wrong remark about coach Roxy’s inheritance of the said team from Coach Chieffy ( u didnt mention the name but i know its him that u mention ) the fact is coach Roxy made a try out and had a longer training camp than the previous team went to Thailand for AFF championship. In my honest opinion until they are allowing the parents to interfere as well in the selection and as well as coaching is concern then there will always have a problem.. tama na ang palakasan system and also dont allow the parents influence to rule the team.

      1. Right sir Jack, PFF should do drastic changes if we want to succeed. And Leo is absolutely correct, saw one of the tune up games of previous youth teams in Bacolod, and i noticed a GK not who is NOT THAT GOOD, but was on the team.. you know what i mean.. great read by the way!

  2. Hello Jack, it will be appreciated if you’ll able to exposed the details of what really happened to U16 in Myanmar. Just like on that photo. The other player wearing the Captain’s badge is he the real Team Captain? What is Coach Roxy’s qualification for the team captain position for the National Team.

    Just asking, correct me if I’m wrong for my understanding the TC should be the main backbone of the team, can lead the team with exceptional skills. Hindi po kaya eto ang tinutukoy na proof ng palakasan sa comment ni Mr Leo.

  3. The PFL teams are mandated to have Development teams and I guess this takes care of it as it’s in the Club’s business interest to develop the kids.
    This will take time and I believe in the Filipino, we will be another Football powerhouse.

  4. I hope and pray to God that the PFL succeeds.
    Not because of the business sense but because of what this game does to the psyche of the kids they will develop thru their development teams..
    Football demands excellence but most of all TEAMWORK.
    Individualism cannot exist in Football.
    And Teamwork, Imagine if there’s a lot of kids with that kind of mentality.
    And Teamwork, Imagine what that would do to the well being of our country.

  5. Nakaka discourage if this is true enough. Here in the province, out little ones are looking up to playing with the National Team but if ganito din lang… doubtful na kami dito.

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